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The Edge of Knowledge (TEOK) is an informal lecture series, where uncommon, unexpected topics are presented in someone’s living room. Short presentations are interspersed with video breaks and drinks, with topics ranging from food to the cosmos, internet memes and personal obsessions, seeking to offer an alternative look at the cultural outputs of the contemporary – and a window into the fantastic, rich ensemble of people that live and work in Basel. We’re excited to organize and promote this event series – and if you are around Basel, or anywhere else, you should join us for one of our sessions!

The series was conceived in early 2014 by Vera Sacchetti, Juan Palencia and Marta Colón.

TEOK #24


28.06.2016 Hammerstrasse Basel

#24.1 – Scientology: Everything You Need (and Don’t Want) to Know

Erika Pinner

A journey to the intriguing world of Dianetics, or the church of Scientology.

#24.2 – The Clown on the Tightrope

Nina Haldimann

An introduction to Bernese chansons with an autobiographical touch.



17.05.2016 Depot Basel

#XXIII.1 - Nay Pyi Taw

Mathieu Bujnowskyj

On spectacle, instant cities and junta urbanism

#XXIII.2 - The White Horse Hotel

Alfredo Brillembourg & BINZ

"Last Stop Basel: The White Horse Hotel" is a a slam poetry and music night, as much about performance as it is about the words.

For its twenty-third event, TEOK once again collaborates with Depot Basel for a special edition where the theme of SPECTACLE comes to the forefront.

Photos / Video coming soon

TEOK #22


03.05.2016 Gasstrasse Basel

#22.1 – Niche

Jean-Paul Willemse

From horse meat to typewriters. The shopping landscape in Basel and its curators.

#22.2 – South Armagh & the Political Tourist

James Martin

A personal search for truth in a territory of conflicts: a story about war and peace, and a place that is situated in-between.

TEOK #21

Postponed. Date to be announced.



01.03.2016 Feldbergstrasse Basel

#20.1 – Hideouts

Marina Otero

A paranoid story of the Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad and its multiple iterations, replicas and simulations.

TEOK #19


16.02.2016 Klingerbergstrasse Basel

#19.1 – Dieni Mütter, or an epistemological view on references

Francisco Moura Veiga

A short glimpse of a personal system of knowledge accumulation based on the the concept of "references", starting from the biggest of all references, the mother.

#19.2 – Home Story

Viviane Stappmanns

How the dreams we have about our perfect home need revisiting.

And why almost no one seems to care.

TEOK #18


26.01.2016 Kleinhafen Basel

#18.1 - Turkish Delights

Safak Korkut and his mom.

I recently inherited a rare vinyl collection of Turkish Music from 70s. I actually found them in my grandmother’s house on top of a cupboard covered in dust. My mum and I will walk you through the memories of Turkish Pop Music from those years; we won’t give you scholarly infos, but fill you up with gossips and one-hit stars; translate a few lyrics and give you the impressions of the music landscape of Istanbul and Turkey.

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TEOK at Forum for an Attitude

Vera presented TEOK as part of the program for the exhibition Forum for an Attitude, co-organised by Depot Basel and the Vitra Design Museum. In the FORUM 4 KNOWLEDGE, Vera talked about networks, informal meetings and things you don't know (but you know) about yet.

TEOK #17


24.11.2015 Basel

#17.1 - The bumpy road to a less violent society

Alexandru Denes

They say that the past is a foreign country: join us for an exploration of the psychology that underpins our dark impulses, and how they have sparked conflicts through the ages.

#17.2 - Reality bites

Miquel del Rio

Loose associations as a tool to explain the world.

TEOK #16


10.11.2015 Depot Basel

#16.1 - Contemporary dance

Rona Mutalova with Maya Conzelmann and Livia Marina Kern

A desire to show different ways of contemporary dance and its broad spectrum of perception.

Drawings made by the audience during the performance.

TEOK #15


29.09.2015 haltingenstrasse Basel

#15.1 - Las Bargas Films

Juan Laborda

A personal take on a filmmaker's story: a journey into the cinematic world of one man viewed through the eyes of his legacy.

#15.2 - Alcohol, depression and social criticism

Amelie Klein

How Scandinavian crime fiction, also known as Scandinavian Noir or Nordic Noir, changed a whole genre. And why it is so addictive.


19.08.2015 Depot Basel

We took part yesterday at INSIGHT | The Collective Intention at Depot Basel. Check our presentation here.  And here is the video.

TEOK #14


28.04.2015 Birzigstrasse Basel

#14.1 - How to decentralize and get rid of mega corporations

Stefan El-ghatta

Touching on principles of evolution, we will look at the DNA of mega corporations and make an adventurous case that they face extinction in competing with a new, decentralized species.

#14.2 - Building with earth and bamboo

Mónica Sedano

You touch the earth, you feel the ground. You touch the bamboo, you feel the sun. Given that more than 50% of the world's population lives on raw earth buildings and that bamboo is one of the best structural materials, shouldn't we know more about them?



28.03.2015 – 8 PM Depot Basel

#XIII.1 - The sharing economy

Diego Palencia de Sarriá

From ownership to usership; new labour markets and the economy of instant satisfaction.

#XIII.2 - Fraud and scam on the internet

Tom Wespi

A short story about Scammers on the flatshare site

For its thirteenth edition, TEOK collaborates with Dutch design collective Fictional Collective in the initiative, curating an event around the topics of DEBT, CURRENCY, VALUE and TRUST. Our thirteenth session is entitled COMMON WEALTH, and it starts with an exploration of financial systems both implemented and emerging, analysing alternative currency and value systems. We will then question trust: can it be undermined, exploited and used for nefarious ends? A reflection of the many ways in which spam has evolved to become more and more sophisticated will allow us to critically enquire which are the limits of trust in the digital world. 

All this will be included in the THIS IS WORK publication, Chapter #4 Common wealth

TEOK #12


24.03.2015 st.alban vorstadt

#12.1 - We want the funk

Jeanne Autran

A move into the Funky and Psychedelic universe of 1970s P-Funk music bands. The 'Funk' is not just a good groove, but it's the fluid of life, the primary dance spirit, the love, the god, as well as the basic concept of an inspired social protest movement. Let's get Funked-up!

#12.2 - African new wave dance music

Hans Focketyn

In the last 20 years an incredible variety of new music styles, bands and projects has emerged in a similarly diverse amount of African countries. These new music scenes are very specific to the countries where they come from, with music at times based on the combination of traditional elements with electronic instruments, or being simply a very particular evolution of local pop music with an extremely danceable beat. Together, they form the new wave of African dance music.

TEOK for Cartha

Towards the Edge of Knowledge:

Lessons learned from sharing what (we didn’t know) we know

We wrote an article for the new Cartha magazine. You can read it here.

TEOK #11


10.02.2015 hagenbachstrasse Basel

#11.1 - There will be blood

Nathalie Geiser

A true story of cultural resistance: Jura's collective memory. The rise of the national and cultural identity of a rural region.

#11.2 - General Theoria of Madness

Tiago Trigo

We are all insane, but why? Dr. Häuser Trigo, a master in Psychiatric Anthropology by the London University of Brunel, will share with us some of the research that he and his team in London are developing while ascertaining the delicate subject of the human cognoscence.



02.12.2014 Depot Basel

#‎X‬.1 - Fenced Nature

Basil Thüring

With the Head of Geosciences at Basel's Naturhistorisches Museum, an exploration of the diverse and fascinating ways in which exhibits are shown in Natural History Museums.

#X.2 - Displaying the Absurd

Pedro Portellano

Spain's nearly 28.000 roundabouts are big urban displays where you can find some of the most unbelievable pieces of unnecessary contemporary art in the country. This is a curated selection of the best Roundabout Art in Spain.

#X.3 - Ecology is Queer

Bárbara Maçães 

An exploration of ecology, minimalism and representation – from drawings to land art, poems and environmental interventions – shedding light onto the many layers of this highly constructed term.

More about Display

We will be at Depot Basel on the 13.02 presenting the book DISPLAY in which we had the pleasure to collaborate with a text by Vera Sacchetti. 



04.11.2014 muhlheimerstrasse Basel

#9.1 - Body building

Chrissie Muhr

Physical exercise reflect on architectural space. Experience structures, processes, typologies and culture by running and swimming in architecture.

#9.2 - Coffee

Brigitte Clements

From tree to cup, a delve into the adventures of a coffee bean.



21.10.2014 dornacherstrasse Basel

#8.1 - Taste

David Gregori

We eat, all the time, at least once a day, and sometimes not very selectively. A closer look to the food in our mouth.

#8.2 - Sausagiety

Matylda Krykowski

Sausagiety deals with persistent interpersonal relationships, and is a social grouping sharing the same social territory. Sausagiety addresses dominant cultural facts and expectations.



07.10.2014 colmarerstrasse Basel

#7.1 - Mmmmm…Malevich

Leonid Slonimskiy

From figurative to non-figurative and back. The grave of Malevich.

#7.2 - Les cités Obscures

Mariana Santana

Les Cités Obscures, an introduction to tourists. Welcome to a world as vast as ours, with geography, fauna, flora, inventions, architecture, culture, religion…



23.09.2014 farnsburgerstrasse Basel

#6.1 - A personal approach to the violin

Tobias Eglauer

An attempt to talk about an instrument I can’t play and I don’t really understand.

#6.2 - Relations

Vesna Jovanovic

Recent years have brought upon us the age of the ‘me’: the self-obsessed, self-defined, narcissistic self. But how did we get here? This lecture explores the many convoluted path to the self, and the many relations that are inextricably linked to our definition of ourselves.



15.07.2014 claragraben Basel

#5.1 - Internet junk

Juan Palencia

Is there any beauty down there?

#5.2 - Views on the Bramante Tour

Benjamin Krüger

Last June, a bus full of architects, researchers and curious souls travelled throughout the north of Italy in search of Bramante. But what were they looking for? And what did they find?



01.07.2014 hammerstrasse Basel

#4.1 - Complete Voice Technique

Jasmin Albash

Singing is not difficult - everybody can sing. Hear about the Complete Voice Technique and develop what kind of sounds your voice is able to do in a healthy way. You’re free to try. The Complete Vocal Technique is a singing method developed by Danish singer, vocal coach and vocal researcher Cathrine Sadolin. Since the 1980s she has been researching all the sounds the human voice is able to produce, coming up with a new terminology and visual representation.

#4.2 - Alésia: The Jurassienne Hypothesis

Sylvain Baumann & Cristina Génova

The battle of Alésia in 52 BC determines the end of the Celtic world and the beginning of Roman rule, but the real location of this battle was never determined… In 1840, Napoleon III placed Alésia in Alise-Sainte-Reine, Burgundy, but in 1962 the site of Chaux-des-Crotenay, in Jura, was discovered to correspond to Caesar’s original description of Alésia. Following years of confusion and complication, we trace the many locations, and questions, surrounding the site of Alésia.



06.05.2014 türkheimerstrasse Basel

#3.1 - Déjà-vu effect

Giulia Mela

One of the most celebrated Pop icons of the last thirty years, Nicolas Cage remains a mystery, and his face an enigma. Analysing the aspect, gestures and expressions of Nicolas Cage throughout his career, this presentation wonders: Why does his face produce a déjà-vu effect?



08.04.2014 B59 Basel

#2.1 - The Edge of Knowledge

Stefano Orani

What is knowledge? And what is its relation to mankind? A perspective from the edge.

#2.2 - The Edge of Cosmos

Stefano Orani

Everything you wanted to know about cosmos* (*But were afraid to ask).



01.04.2014 B59 Basel

#1.1 - NOMA, best restaurant in the world. Fact or Fiction?

Francesco Valente & Aleris Rodgers

A visual exposé of haute, hyper-local nordic cuisine

#1.2 - From Space Monkey to IKEA Monkey

Vera Sacchetti

The tale of Darwin, a monkey that got lost in a suburban IKEA in Toronto, his furry coat and the internet craze around him.


TEOK would like to thank for their support/talk:

Stefano Orani, Francesco Valente, Aleris Rodgers, Giulia Mela, Jasmin Albash, Sylvain Baumann, Cristina Génova, Benjamin Krüger, Vesna Jovanovic, Raquel Buj, Bea Aragón, Cristina Navas,

Tobias Eglauer, Leonid Slonimskiy, Mariana Santana, Jelena Vucic, Jakob Henke, Chrissie Muhr, Brigitte Clements, Natalie Geiser, Depot Basel, Basil Thüring, Barbara Maçães e Costa, Pedro Portellano, Jolanthe Kuger, Tiago Trigo, Jeanne Autran, Hans Focketyn,  Fictional Collective, Blanca García Gardelegui, Diego Palencia de Sarriá, Tom Wespi, Nicolás Miranda Turu, Tadea Ipiña Mariscal, Alicia Argüelles García, Stefan El-ghatta, Mónica Sedano, Juan Laborda, Amelie Klein, Elisabeth Hinz, Delphine Camus, Rona Mutalova, Maya Conzelmann, Livia Marina Kernand, Alexandru Denes, Miquel del Río, Safak Korkut and his mom, Kleinhafen, Viviane Stappmanns, Malte Ziegler, Alma Sacchetti Ziegler, Chus Martínez, Marina Otero, Jean-Paul Willemse, James Martin, Carla Cardoso, Frederico Duarte, Mathieu Bujnowskyj,  Alfredo Brillembourg, Marcel Aubert, Nadine Schütz, Martin Andersson, Erika Pinner, Nina Haldimann and everyone else who came to a TEOK to learn with us.

Curated by Vera Sacchetti and Juan Palencia